The 12th World Multi-Conference on
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2008  

Jointly with
The 14th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis: ISAS 2008

June 29th - July 2nd, 2008 – Orlando, Florida, USA



WMSCI 2008


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Computer Science and Engineering

A Real-Time Rendering Method of Dynamic Reflection on a Transparent Object

Kosugi, Makoto (Japan); Mukai, Nobuhiko (Japan); Shida, Mariko (Japan)

Simulation and Certification for Collision between Satellites in Solar System Celestial Model

Deng, Xiuying (China); Li, Qiyan (China); Qin, Guofeng (China)

Comparison of Multiple Spat S030xz IAL Objects Using KST over their Frequency Distribution Curves

Premchand, P. (India); Raghavendra Rao, C. (India)

Traceability Information System for Freight Transportation Chain

Benabdelhafid, A. (France); Boudebous, D. (France); Boukachour, J. (France)

SITS – Simulator of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Figueiredo, Lino (Portugal); Machado, J. A. Tenreiro (Portugal)

Modeling and Solving the Train Pathing Problem

Chen, Chuen-Yih (Taiwan); Gopal, Amrutha (Greece); Lee, Yusin (Taiwan); Minardi, Stefano (Greece)

Cooperative Ant Colonies for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. A Case Study in the Distribution of Dietary Products

Crisan, Gloria Cerasela (Romania); Nechita, Elena (Romania); Talmaciu, Mihai (Romania)

Extending Security for Multi-Threaded Servers

Edwards, Dennis (United States); Simmons, Sharon (United States)

Two-Dimensional Fluid Flow Past a Rectangular Plate

Doma, S. B. (Egypt); El-Sharif, A. H. (Egypt)

Dynamic vs Static Implementations of MPI on New Trend Computer Architectures

Murakami, Kazuaki (Japan); Nanri, Takeshi (Japan); Nzigou Mamadou, Hyacinthe (Japan)

Continuous Nearest Neighbor Search

Chen, Chao-Chun (Taiwan); Lin, Lien-Fa (Taiwan)

New Method for the Failure Probability of Strict Circular Consecutive-k-out-of-n:F System

Higashiyama, Yoichi (Japan); Rumchev, Ventsi (Australia)

Prevention of Wormhole Attack in MANET

Sankaranarayanan, V. (India); Tamilselvan, Latha (India)

Semantic Abstraction Layer (SAL). An Indirection Layer to Solve Semantic Ambiguities and Multilinguality Problems

Hallot, Frédéric (Belgium)

Memory Saving for Solving the Towers of Hanoi Problem

Fang, Chen-An (Taiwan); Chen, Yu-Kumg (Taiwan)

A Simple High-Speed Multiplier Design

Dawoud, D. S. (South Africa); Ndagije, Charles (Rwanda)

Wunderbot IV: Autonomous Robot for International Competition

Painter, James G. (United States); Wunderlich, Joseph T. (United States)

A Hybrid Algorithm for the Bisection Problem in O-Graphs

Nechita, Elena (Romania); Talmaciu, Mihai (Romania)

An Algorithm for Creating Markovian Models of Complex Systems

Pranevicius, Henrikas (Lithuania); Valakevicius, Eimutis (Lithuania)

Cadral: An Automated Decision-Making Framework for Business Collaboration

Didry, Yoann (Luxembourg); Feltz, Fernand (Luxembourg); Tamisier, Thomas (Luxembourg)

Cluster Computing in Drug Logistic Monitoring and Management

Deng, Xiuying (China); Li, Qiyan (China); Qin, Guofeng (China)

Wavelet-Based Geometry Coding for 3D Mesh Using Space Frequency Quantization

Doma, S. B. (Egypt); El-Lithey, S. T. (Egypt); Sheta, W. M. (Egypt)

Context-Aware Dynamic Architecture

Ramdane-Cherif, Amar (France); Tadj, C. (Canada)

Adaptive Maximums of Random Variables for Precise Network Simulations

Chiou, Rong Nan (Taiwan)

Application of Fractal and Wavelets in Microcalcification Detection

Andina, Diego (Spain); Cortina-Januch, M. G. (Spain); Jevtic, Aleksandar (Spain); Quintanilla-Domínguez, J. (Spain)

A Security Focus to the IEEE CONOPS and Software Requirements Specification

Dampier, David A. (United States); Riley, Jack Wesley (United States); Vaughn, Rayford B. (United States)

Separately Subharmonic Functions and Quasi-Nearly Subharmonic Functions

Riihentaus, Juhani (Finland)

A Passive RFID Location Sensing

Moeeni, Farhad (United States)

An Improved Heuristic-Based Approach for Solving Square Jigsaw Puzzles

Alajlan, Naif (Saudi Arabia)

Supporting Dynamism and Security in Ad-Hoc Collaborative Working Environments

Assel, Matthias (Germany); Kipp, Alexander (Germany); Schubert, Lutz (Germany)

A Critique of e-Commerce Website Evaluation Models

Hamtini, Thair M. (Jordan); Masoud, Fawaz A. M. (Jordan); Rababah, Osama M. A. (United Kingdom)

Election of Water Resources Management Entity Using a Multi-Criteria Decision (MCD) Method in Salta Province (Argentine)

Andina, Diego (Spain); Anton, José M. (Spain); Grau, Juan B. (Spain); Tarquis, Ana M. (Spain)

Contributions to Balancing Problem Solving in Determinist Case

Coculescu, Corneliu (Romania)

A Privacy Framework within the Java Data Security Framework (JDSF): Design Refinement, Implementation, and Statistics

Li, Jian (Canada); Huynh, Lee Wei (Canada); Mokhov, Serguei A. (Canada); Rassai, Farid (Canada)

Dynamic Grid-Based Interest Management for Distributed Virtual Environments

Berrached, Ali (United States)

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

DeVolder, Dennis (United States); Ghazanshahi, Shahin (United States); Zadeh, Jeff (United States)

Generalized Semantic Schemas and Arguments to Use these Structures

Tandareanu, Nicolae (Romania)

Modeling, Simulation, and Parameter Estimation of Lateral Spacecraft Fuel Slosh

Chatman, Yadira (United States); Gangadharan, Sathya (United States); Marsell, Brandon (United States); Hubert, Carl (United States); Sudermann, James (United States); Ristow, James (United States); Schlee, Keith (United States); Walker, Charles (United States)

Machine Learning Techniques for Solving Classification Problems with Missing Input Data

Figueiras-Vidal, Anibal R. (Spain); García-Laencina, Pedro J. (Spain); Sancho-Gómez, José-Luis (Spain)

A Hybrid Approach to Estimation of Missing Data through the Use of Neural Networks, Principal Component Analysis and Stochastic Optimization

Marwala, Tshilidzi (South Africa); Nelwamondo, Fulufhelo V. (South Africa); Mohamed, Abdul K. (South Africa)

Agile Engineering of Scalable Enterprise-Level Capabilities

Cherinka, R. (United States); Miller, R. (United States)

Key Issues on Computational Intelligence Techniques for Missing Data Imputation –A Review

Marwala, Tshilidzi (South Africa); Nelwamondo, Fulufhelo V. (South Africa)

G-Bots: Intelligent Agents in a Complex Simulated Environment

Becker, Joel R. (United States); El-Sheikh, Eman M. (United States)

A Colored Timed Petri Net Approach to Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Modelling

Rodrigues, Brian (Singapore); Zhang, Lianfeng (Netherlands)

Using Principal Component Analysis and Autoassociative Neural Networks to Estimate Missing Data in a Database

Marwala, Tshilidzi (South Africa); Nelwamondo, Fulufhelo V. (South Africa); Mistry, Jaisheel (South Africa)

Operation-Based Notation for Archimedean Graph

Nonaka, Hidetoshi (Japan)

A Generalized Product Rule and Weak Independence Based on Bregman Divergence

Fujimoto, Yu (Japan); Murata, Noboru (Japan)

Optimization of the Logistics of a Courier Business

Elomri, A. (Morocco); Najem, F. (Morocco); Moussaïd, K. (Morocco)

Financing Strategies for Port Security

Gningue, Mame Bigué (France); Sidi Mohamed, Ould Mohamed El Moctar (France)

TRManager – Technical Risk Manager

Gregory, Mark A. (Australia); White, Christopher (Australia)

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