The 7th International Conference on
Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2009

In the Context of
The 2nd International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation: IMETI 2009
July 10th - July 13th, 2009 – Orlando, Florida, USA



CCCT 2009

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Computing / Information Systems and Technologies

Tolerance-Circuit Diagnosis Based on Probabilistic Neural Network

Peng, Minfang (China); Shen, Meie (China); Yuan, Hao (China)

Directive-Based Heterogeneous Programming a GPU-Accelerated RTM Use Case

Abdelkhalek, Rached (France); Bihan, Stéphane (France); Calandra, Henri (France); Dolbeau, Romain (France); Moulard, Georges-Emmanuel (France)

Bus Network Modeling Using Ant Algorithms

Afandizadeh Zargari, Shahriar (Iran); Eshragh, Sepideh (United States); Faghri, Ardeshir (United States); Rusty Lee, Earl (United States)

Developing Web Analytics to Evaluate Online Educational Resources

Chae, Hui Soo (United States); Garg, Pranav (United States); Natriello, Gary (United States)

Quality Safety Traceability Technologies for Cereal and Oil Products

Liu, Shi-Hong (China); Meng, Hong (China); Zheng, Huo-Guo (China)

Implementation of a High Performance Numerical Simulator for Radar Surface Echoes

Hahnel, Ronny (Germany); Hegler, Sebastian (Germany); Plettemeier, Dirk (Germany)

NetPosse: A Tool for Connecting Users in Virtual Communities

Anwar, Faisal (United States); Chae, Hui Soo (United States); Natriello, Gary (United States)

Resource Management in Grid Environment by Active Database

MohammadKhanli, Leili (Iran)

A Data Fusion Based Digital Investigation Model as an Effective Forensic Tool in the Risk Assessment and Management of Cyber Security Systems

Mohapatra, Asish (Canada); Satpathy, Suneeta (India)

Developing a Rural Planning Support System Using Rural Resource -Amenity Maps-

Hwang, Jeong Im (South Korea); Kim, Eun Ja (South Korea); Kim, Sang Bum (South Korea); Kim, Yong Wook (United States); Park, Mi Jung (South Korea); Rhee, Sang Young (South Korea)

Machine Detection of and Response to User Non-Conscious Thought Processes to Increase Usability, Experience and Satisfaction

Carrabis, Joseph (United States); Carrabis, Susan (United States)

Acceleration of Radio Network Optimisation Algorithms

Megson, Graham (United Kingdom); Ye, Yuanzhou (United Kingdom)

How ERASMUS Can Support an Increase in Capacity in 2020

Bonini, Deirdre (France); Dupré, Carole (France); Granger, Géraud (France)

A Bayesian Approach to Adjust for Covariate Mismeasurement Using WinBUGS

Ren, Dianxu (United States); Stone, Roslyn (United States); Zhao, Xinhua (United States)

Latencies in Linux and FreeBSD Kernels with Different Schedulers – O(1), CFS, 4BSD, ULE

Abaffy, Jaroslav (Slovakia); Krajcovic, Tibor (Slovakia)

Neural Networks Applied on Educational Timetabling Problems: An Overview

de Carvalho Jr., Carlos A. T. (Brazil); Taborda, Aldrin W. M. (Brazil)

Analog Fault Diagnosis Based on Decision Fusion

Peng, Minfang (China); Shen, Meie (China); He, Jianbiao (China)

Optimizing Configuration of Urban Streets Using Genetic Algorithms

Afandizadeh Zargari, Shahriar (Iran); Faghri, Ardeshir (United States); Lee, Earl Rusty (United States); Taromi, Reza (United States)

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