The 7th International Conference on
Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2009

In the Context of
The 3rd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics: IMSCI 2009
July 10th - July 13th, 2009 – Orlando, Florida, USA



EISTA 2009

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Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Robotics to Stimulate Learning Opportunities: A Robot Campus Tour Guide

Doran, Michael V. (United States); Thomas, Jr., Thomas G. (United States)

The Invisible Researcher: Using Online Tools for Laboratory-Like Studies in Naturalistic Environments

Joordens, Steve (Canada); Paré, Dwayne E. (Canada)

Effective Instrument for Score Reading Skills Assessment

Laurutis, Vincas (Lithuania); Urniežius, Rytis (Lithuania); Zemblys, Raimondas (Lithuania)

A Didactic Test System for Thermal Characterization of Electric and Electronic Devices

Álvarez-Ruiz, José -A. (Spain); Garrido-Pacha, José -I. (Spain); Luna-Rodríguez, Juan -J. (Spain); Martínez-Jiménez, Pilar (Spain); Santiago-Chiquero, Isabel -P. (Spain); Varo-Martínez, Marta (Spain)

Global Warming, Obesity Epidemic: What about STEM?

Hillwig, Phyllis (United States)

Empowering Learners to Choose the Difficulty Level of Problems Based on their Learning Needs

Diehl, Lori (United States); Grincewicz, Amy (United States); Jones, Paul (United States); Zydney, Janet Mannheimer (United States)

Problems Posed by Mathematical Notation in e-Learning: Transcription and Edition of Formulae

Pérez-Navarro, Antoni (Spain); Sancho-Vinuesa, Teresa (Spain)

Alice in the Middle East

Zeid, Amir (Kuwait)

Regional Networks as Instruments for Professional Development. Perspectives on Access to Professional Development Networks

Sturm, Tanja (Austria)

Interdisciplinarity in Education in Context of System Approaches

Rabe, Vlasta (Czech Republic); Tauchmanova, Vera (Czech Republic)

Educational Aspects of Incremental Model Checking

Dávid, Ákos (Hungary); Kozma, László (Hungary)

The Concept of Function - Critical Aspects Induced by Teaching and Textbook

Holmqvist, Mona (Sweden); Olteanu, Constanta (Sweden)

Effectiveness of Project Based Work Integrated Learning for Engineering Programs

Judge, Sukhvir (Australia); Pendharkar, Gita (Australia)

Connectedness is the Key to Attracting Tertiary Science Students

Mckay, David (Australia); Russell, David (Australia); Windsor, Sarah (Australia)

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