International Conference on
Society and Information Technologies: ICSIT 2010

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April 6 th - 9 th, 2010 ~ Orlando, Florida USA



ICSIT 2010

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Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Societies

Analyzing Learning Processes and Outcomes in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) in the Domain of Nutritional Research Methodology Education

Noroozi, Omid (Netherlands); Biemans, Harm (Netherlands); Mulder, Martin (Netherlands); Chizari, Mohammad (Iran)

Base on Micro-Learning to Observe the Children Behaviors for Improvement the Parent-Child Interaction

Su, Ming-Hsiang (Taiwan); Wang, Bo-Yen (Taiwan); Liao, Yuan-Hsun (Taiwan); Liu, Chia-Ming (Taiwan); Yu, Pao-Ta (Taiwan)

Computer Science and Society: Is a New Social Contract Possible?

Rossini, Alessandro (Norway); Rutle, Adrian (Norway)

Electric Blackout Prevention: Toward a Computer-Mediated Weather Alert Broadcasting Solution

Feltus, Christophe (Luxembourg); Khadraoui, Djamel (Luxembourg); Bonhomme, Cédric (Luxembourg)

How the National Learners’ Records Database of the South African Qualifications Authority Contributes to Excellent Information Management among its Data Suppliers

Shapiro, Yvonne (South Africa)

ICT Supported Learning and the Evolving African Universities

Bandele, Samuel Oye (Nigeria)

Impact of Computers and Internet on the Social and Economic Welfare of Low Income People: The Case of SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Program

Rizkallah, Elias G. (United States)

Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Gender Development in India

Suresh, Lal B. (India)

Internet-Based Psychiatric Interventions: Applications for Rural Veterans at Risk for Suicide

Crilly, John (United States); Lewis, JoAnn (United States)

Paving the Way for Inclusive e-Services for All by Identifying Enablers for Upcoming Interaction Technologies

Böcker, Martin (Germany); Rodríguez-Ascaso, Alejandro (Spain); Hüttenrauch, Helge (Sweden); Schneider, Matthias (Germany); Pluke, Michael (United Kingdom); Zetterström, Erik (Sweden)

Spatial Informatics: The Key to Regional Economic Development

Hamilton, William (United States); Krebs, Lorri K. (United States)

Sustainable Mountain Development and ICT: Furthering Cooperation between the Rocky Mountain States and Central Asia

Abdrisaev, Baktybek (United States); Butler, R. E. Rusty (United States); Stecker, Alex (United States); Aidaraliev, Asylbek (Kyrgyzstan); Dzhusupova, Zamira (Macau)

The Digital Divide Between Students and Lecturers: A Case Study of the Access and Attitudes Towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Selected Nigerian Universities

Nwokeocha, Steve (Nigeria)

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