The 7th International Conference on
Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2009

In the Context of
The 3rd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics: IMSCI 2009
July 10th - July 13th, 2009 – Orlando, Florida, USA



EISTA 2009

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Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training

Red Ink or Blue? Providing Feedback in an Electronic World

Chetwynd, Frances (United Kingdom); Dobbyn, Chris (United Kingdom)

Web-Based Educational Simulators for Teaching Pathological Physiology

Kofránek, Jirí (Czech Republic); Privitzer, Pavol (Czech Republic); Stodulka, Petr (Czech Republic)

The Pedagogical Anatomy of Peer-Assessment: Dissecting a PeerScholar Assignment

Desa, Shakinaz (Malaysia); Joordens, Steve (Canada); Paré, Dwayne E. (Canada)

Evaluating Engagement: Computing in a Digital Arts Workshop

Arndt, Angela E. (United States); Davis, Karen C. (United States); Maltbie, Catherine V. (United States)

An Interactive Online Education System for the Supplemental Nutrition Program

Ameh, Lori (United States); Amy, Ryan (United States); Coplen, Thomas (United States); Niepraschk, Corey (United States); Ohene-Opare, Alma (United States); Richards, Rickelle (United States); Smith, Matthew (United States); Teng, Chia-Chi (United States)

A Systems Approach to the Teaching/Research Nexus as Applied in a Mixed Mode Research Module for BTech Journalism

Pratt, Dee (South Africa)

An Objective Evaluation of Online Forum Usage amongst Prison Tutors in a Distance Learning Environment

Hancock, Val (United Kingdom)

fOUndIt? Sharing Online Resources to Support Subject Communities

Shaw, Jill (United Kingdom); Woodthorpe, John (United Kingdom)

Remote Control and Monitoring via the Web

Sysel, Martin (Czech Republic)

Integrating e-Learning 2.0 and Supplementary Classroom Teaching

Spadavecchia, Elisa (Italy)

Using Wikis for Collaborative Learning of Technology

Kear, Karen (United Kingdom); Woodthorpe, John (United Kingdom)

What’s in it for Me? The Stick and the Carrot as Tools for Developing Academic Communities

Shaw, Jill (United Kingdom); Woodthorpe, John (United Kingdom)

Virtual Globe Games for Geographic Learning

Ahlqvist, Ola (United States)

Developing Online Communities to Support Distance Learning in Secure Environments

Pike, Anne (United Kingdom)

Swiss Virtual Animal Pathology:

Djamei, Vahid (Switzerland); Mathys, Marianne (Switzerland); Pospischil, Andreas (Switzerland); Rütten, Maja (Switzerland); Sydler, Titus (Switzerland); Vaughan, Lloyd (Switzerland)

Microwave Teaching

Parsons, Rob (United Kingdom)

A Set of Standard Rules for the Gender-Sensitivity of Integrated E- and Classroom-Learning

Mittelstaedt, Ewald (Germany); Wiepcke, Claudia (Germany)

The Development of a Task Based Safety Training Program for Hard-to-Reach Construction Workers Utilizing New Media

Fullen, Mark D. (United States); Shambaugh, Neal (United States); Takacs, Brandon (United States)

Development of a Japanese Language Learning Support System Using Mobile Devices

Makita, Yuki (Japan); Sasaki, Hitoshi (Japan); Viet Ha, Nguyen (Vietnam)

Virtual Reality for Enhancing Learning Process: Leveraging on Second Life© for Teaching Construction Project Management Program

Arain, Faisal (Canada); Burkle, Martha (Canada)

RFP Case Study: Classroom Application in the Real World

Casteel, James (United States); Gore, David (United States); Lee, Marie (United States)

Faculty Perceptions of a Multimedia Capture Platform Used for Online Learning

Meyer, John D. (United States); Mishoe, Shelley C. (United States); Russell, Barbara L. (United States)

Pros and Cons of Videoconferencing Cyber Course: Learning from a Pilot Project in Omani University

Al-Busaidi, Kamla Ali (Oman)

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